The Holy Dress is a lie-detecting garment. It monitors speech, giving live feedback through on-board lights and electric shocks. The dress is a dystopian design imagining electronically enhanced clothing as a way to help people become the best version of themselves. The Holy Dress is technology taking over the function of religion in guiding us towards living a good life.

Society treats technology as the new religion. We want it to save us from our own bad decisions. We trust it through the magic of Big Data to make better decisions for us than we would alone. Technology promises to solve all our problems for us, making a complex world simple again. The dress is made using a hacked commercial lie detector.

It determines if you’re lying through voice stress analysis, since vocal stress can be an indicator of untruthfulness. When you speak, the dress lights up, growing with intensity as the likelihood of a lie increases. When the dress detects a lie it will fully light up and flicker like lightning, while punishing you with an electric shock.